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We specialize in finding opportunities for our clients to save over traditional charter rates.  If you are traveling in one direction, then a One Way or an Empty Leg will save you a portion or all of the cost of the reposition leg or Deadhead.

What is the difference between a One Way, Empty Leg and Deadhead?

One Way pricing is based on an aircraft that does not need to get back to base.  The aircraft may be part of a floating fleet that travels from point to point with one trip linked to another.  We offer light, mid-size and heavy jet One Way options based on availability. 

Empty Leg and Deadhead flights are synonymous.  These opportunities are created when an aircraft is in the position of having to fly back to base or to its next destination without passengers.  The aircraft must fly in a certain direction, which is why Empty Leg opportunities offer the most significant savings.

What you should know about One Ways and Empty Legs:

Most One Ways and Empty Legs are non-cancellable due to the nature of the flight.  It is also important to note that an Empty Leg is created by the originating flight, therefore if the originating flight changes or is cancelled, your flight will change.  If your flight is cancelled due to originating flight changes, we will present alternative aircraft choices and prices based on availability.
March 14 March 14 Citation V Florida New York
March 14 March 14 Lear 60 New York Florida
March 14 March 15 Citation X Oakland New York
March 14 March 15 Light Jet Colorado Chicago
March 14 March 15 Gulfstream 550 New York Florida
March 14 March 17 Gulfstream V Van Nuys Florida
March 14 March 18 Gulfstream IV Spain New York
March 15 March 15 Lear 45XR Oklahoma Teterboro
March 15 March 15 Lear 60 Florida New York
March 15 March 16 Astra Scottsdale Aspen
March 16 March 16 Lear 45XR Tennessee Florida
March 16 March 16 Hawker 400XP Scottsdale Iowa
March 17 March 17 Challenger 605 Scottsdale Virginia
March 17 March 17 Lear 55 Florida New York
March 17 March 17 Lear 45 Houston Ohio
March 17  March 17 Falcon 900 New York  Illinois
March 18 March 18 Lear 60 Colorado Florida
March 20 March 21 Challenger 605 Indiana Florida
March 20 March 21 Citation Excel Indiana Florida
March 20 March 24 Gulfstream V Van Nuys London
March 22 March 30 Falcon 2000 Chicago Los Angeles
March 23 March 23 Gulfstream 400 New York Florida
March 25 March 25 Lear 60 Florida Colorado
March 25 March 28 Gulfstream V Van Nuys Teterboro
March 26 March 26 Hawker 400XP Arizona Montana
March 26 March 30 Gulfstream IVSP Van Nuys China
March 29 April 1 Gulfstream V Van Nuys  Teterboro
April 1 April 5 Sovereign Chicago Connecticut
April 6 April 6 Lear 35 New York Wisconsin
April 7 April 8 Citation Excel Indiana Caribbean
April 9 April 9 Beechjet 400 Florida Ohio
April 9 April 9 Lear 60 Grand Junction Scottsdale
April 9 April 9 Lear 60 Scottsdale Miami
April 14 April 14 Lear 45XR Georgia Illinois
April 15 April 15 Beechjet 400 Ohio Florida
April 17 April 17 Challenger 300 Toronto Florida
April 22 April 22 Lear 45XR Illinois Georgia